Seattle, WA Depression and Anxiety TherapyJanuary 2 ,2010

This is unusual day for numbers since 01/02/2010 is a perfect palindrome, meaning the numbers read the same coming or going. Although January was named for the Roman god of beginnings and endings, who was able to look backward and forward at the same time, this year has another added twist by looking ahead to a new decade, deciding what new things we will attempt in this new era.

On New Year’s Eve we were playing a new game with old friends, (“Loaded Questions”) and we ended up laughing until we all had tears in our eyes. Now that’s a good game! One of the questions we were to answer was “what is one new thing you want to try in 2010?” I’m not normally one who puts a lot of stock in New Year’s Resolutions because they are usually just wishful thinking without plans of action, and people usually lose their lists within a week. Should we find a new word that is more accurate? Instead of ‘resolution” should we say we are making New Years “wishes”, or declaring our New Years “ desire”, ”inclination”, or “longing?” Or maybe we should forget making lists and just imagine “sending ions of positive energy in a certain direction” for this new year. Hmm, I don’t know about you, but the woo woo sounding stuff just doesn’t have the same punch for me. I need to see some action!

After a great deal of reflecting on this topic, I have come to realize that what we really need is to make a New Year’s pledge we can actually keep. Something that calls to us, encourages us, entices us to really do one new thing this year that we can succeed at. Here’s the first one I came up with; the one new thing I’m going try in 2010 is to EAT MORE DARK CHOCOLATE!

Here’s four more reasons, you should join me in this new quest!

1.  Chocolate makes your smarter! Dark chocolate had flavonols that increase cerebral blood flow, which may trigger the creation of new blood vessels and brain cells. (Why lose those little grey cells, when we can reproduce them with good eats?) A new study showed that older adults (which is any one older than you) actually performed better of cognitive tests after eating small bits of the good stuff.

2. Chocolate weakens heart attacks. Although I haven’t confirmed this research, there is apparently a new study that shows regular chocolate eaters who had heart disease were less likely to die following a heart attack, than t those who don’t imbibe the dark stuff.

3. Chocolate has a cavity-fighting Chocolate compound. This does not mean we should trade the old tooth brush for a Hershey kiss, but apparently chocolate ingredients also contain, -theobromine – which might be just as good a fluoride for hardening tooth enamel. Why Crest hasn’t come up with chocolate toothpaste remains a mystery. (Keep in mind however that most commercial chocolate also has a lot of sugar added, so brushing with anything less than 86% cacao probably isn’t going to cut it!)

4. Chocolate contains antioxidants that can expand your lifespan. Of course you don’t want to overdo this and also expand your waistline and
blood sugars. A great piece of high quality dark the size of a Hershey kiss is all you need. One of the Christmas gifts I received was Theo
Chocolate’s Dark Caramel with Ghost Chili. Simply put…OMG! One bite will set you free! If this is a sample of what’s to come, this is a promise
we will want to keep!

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